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My life had been rolling along pretty normally. Nothing really too exciting about me. Actually, I'm boring, let's be honest. Small town country girl who married her college sweetheart. Been married over 15 years and I guess taking "life" for granted. Because on January 2, 2014, our lives changed forever when the husband was diagnosed with cancer. Wow, there's a wake up call! Fortunately, we were blessed to learn he had a solitary plasmocytoma and no other cancer was located. His cure odds are high with treatment. Unfortunately, this plasma cancer can always rear it's ugly head elsewhere or progress into multiple myeloma. That uncertainty leads me to raise money for multiple myeloma research. Why not help fund research that one day could save my husband's life? Many things are out of my control in C-town but this, this I can control. I run to raise funds and awareness for an illness that I hope to never personally meet.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Released From Burden

Running along my country road, I always look for the plastic 55 gallon barrel in a pasture.  Sound strange, huh?  Well several months back, as I drove down that country road, I saw a cow with her head in that plastic barrel.

Of course I stopped and crawled thru the fence.  As I walked up to her, she didn't move.  She had no idea I was even there and didn't have the opportunity to not accept my help.  I maneuvered her head out the square hole that had been cut in the top.  Once she realized she was free and I was standing there, she ran away.  I placed the barrel, open side towards the road, against the fence.  It has remained there ever since.

You may be wondering what this has to do with my running.  Well it doesn't have much at all to do with my running.  But I relate it to how we were when we first learned of the husband's cancer.  It felt like we had this huge barrel over our heads.  You don't know which way is up.  For the life of you, you can't figure out how to GET OUT of the damn barrel!  You seem to wonder aimlessly as "normal" life continues around you.  Then, someone walks up, and lifts the burden off your shoulders.  You don't have a chance to ask for help, or say no. You really don't even know what to ask for but special people just show up to release burdens.  We experienced this with many of our friends and neighbors.

With the husband's diagnosis and treatment, he was restricted from doing a lot of stuff.  This really impacted him around the ranch especially with our bull wandering as he pleased.  Our neighbor showed up with welders to complete the bull pen that the husband was no longer able to do.  Burden lifted!  Another neighbor put out hay for us.  I would come home from work and hay would just have appeared in our pasture.  Another burden lifted off of us.

We are truly blessed with amazing people in our lives.  So every run down my country road, I look over at that plastic barrel in the pasture and smile.  It reminds me of all those burdens others lifted off us as we wandered aimlessly down an uncharted path we were forced upon.  Blessed are we...

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