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My life had been rolling along pretty normally. Nothing really too exciting about me. Actually, I'm boring, let's be honest. Small town country girl who married her college sweetheart. Been married over 15 years and I guess taking "life" for granted. Because on January 2, 2014, our lives changed forever when the husband was diagnosed with cancer. Wow, there's a wake up call! Fortunately, we were blessed to learn he had a solitary plasmocytoma and no other cancer was located. His cure odds are high with treatment. Unfortunately, this plasma cancer can always rear it's ugly head elsewhere or progress into multiple myeloma. That uncertainty leads me to raise money for multiple myeloma research. Why not help fund research that one day could save my husband's life? Many things are out of my control in C-town but this, this I can control. I run to raise funds and awareness for an illness that I hope to never personally meet.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Think I Can

As I was running this week, I thought about my self talk.  It was quite positive.  I was keeping a faster pace than last week and pushing myself to keep it throughout the runs. Towards the end of my miles, my body grew tired but my mind kept saying I could do it, just push for a little longer.  I agreed and pushed myself making my ending miles the fastest!

A runner battles their thoughts more than anything else. They can either help or hurt you. You choose what mind set you're gonna believe, the positive or the negative. Once that decision is made, your destiny awaits. Will you tell yourself you can't make it another step and stop? Or will you believe there is more deep down inside to reach the finish line? Believe me, I have my negative runs. Ones where I just stop and give in. Then I walk back completely frustrated with myself thinking I'll never meet my goals. But guess what, I redeem myself on the next run. Always. Runners never dwell on a bad run. We get back out on the road and go again with even more resolve.

I believe my running background prepared me to handle the husband's cancer diagnosis. I focused on positive self talk. No other thoughts of not accomplishing our goals. Yea, I had an occasional "bad run" that brought me to my knees but like every time before, I got back up and finished.  Then reset my mind on more productive ideas.  I know my attitude seemed strange to some. I wasn't breaking down and crying all the time. But I chose positive.  I'm sure there are people out there that say it's a type of deniaI. I don't think so. I am very much aware of the ugliness of cancer. Why wallow in that? I picked the mindset that would be most beneficial for me and the husband to reach the finish line.

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