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My life had been rolling along pretty normally. Nothing really too exciting about me. Actually, I'm boring, let's be honest. Small town country girl who married her college sweetheart. Been married over 15 years and I guess taking "life" for granted. Because on January 2, 2014, our lives changed forever when the husband was diagnosed with cancer. Wow, there's a wake up call! Fortunately, we were blessed to learn he had a solitary plasmocytoma and no other cancer was located. His cure odds are high with treatment. Unfortunately, this plasma cancer can always rear it's ugly head elsewhere or progress into multiple myeloma. That uncertainty leads me to raise money for multiple myeloma research. Why not help fund research that one day could save my husband's life? Many things are out of my control in C-town but this, this I can control. I run to raise funds and awareness for an illness that I hope to never personally meet.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

First Long Run

My training is slow. I keep it slow to reduce the chance of injury. I run 3 miles twice a week then a long run on the weekend. This weekend my long run was 5 miles. I actually felt good the entire run which is a great morale boost. That was the furthest I've ran since my injury. Plus it was unseasonably cool during my run. What a blessing! 

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